DKBS - a membership with many benefits

Hotel Koldingfjord is part of the confederation of Danish Conference Centres - DKBS. 

This provides us with the possibility of helping and guiding you on to other conference centres throughout Denmark, if we do not have the available capacity ourselves for your event. 

We take care of the entire referral procedure, so that you do not need to use time on investigating other available alternatives. 

Hotel Koldingfjord’s membership of DKBS is further your guarantee for quality and on-going guest follow up.  Danish Technological Institute (DTI) performs on-going, independent surveys of Hotel Koldingfjord, in order to ensure that all quality requirements are met, and Hotel Koldingfjord further offers all course and conference organisations feedback on implemented events. 

The result of such feedback is published every month by Hotel Koldingfjord here

To visit Danish Conference Centres Booking Service, click here