Hotel Koldingfjord A/S
Fjordvej 154
6000 Kolding
Tlf.: 75 51 00 00

Hotel Koldingfjord’s service quality index numbers

The principle of quality is fundamental for Hotel Koldingfjord and is therefore the core of all our activities.  

For you as a customer at Hotel Koldingfjord, this means that you at all times can be sure to receive high quality in terms of facilities, technique, service, professional insight and flexibility.   

You will experience high quality from the initial planning phase to implementation of the event.  

Hotel Koldingfjord is a member of the confederation of Danish Conference Centres, which means that the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) performs on-going, independent surveys of Hotel Koldingfjord, in order to ensure that all quality requirements are met. 

DTI then issues a certificate that documents that Hotel Koldingfjord complies with all quality requirements of Danish Conference Centres. 

All members of the confederation of Danish Conference Centres are frequently tested by DTI, in order to ensure that all quality requirements are met.

Apart from the quality test through Danish Conference Centres and DTI, Hotel Koldingfjord further offers all course and conference organisations feedback on implemented events.

Feedback is given via an electronic questionnaire. 

Hotel Koldingfjord publishes results from this feedback every month.  

Click here to see Hotel Koldingfjord’s service quality index.

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