A la carte 7 August - 3 September 2014

  • Roasted pike*
    with whipped carrot juice, small onions and cabbage
    as main course 238.00 DKK
    118.00 DKK
    Cured scallops*
    with lime mayo, spinach oil and crispy roots
    128.00 DKK
    Geko cheese gratiné
    served on Stone Age bread with vinaigrette and sourish skyr
    108.00 DKK
    Lemon granité with malto
    44.00 DKK
    Smoked guinea fowl in late summer fricassee
    with poached egg yolk and herbs
    as starter 138.00 DKK
    248.00 DKK
    Modern hash*
    with beef fillet, pickled beets and real sauce on siphon
    258.00 DKK
    Selection of cheese
    with garnish
    108.00 DKK
    Our style old-fashioned apple pie
    apple puree, vanilla foam, crunchy marzipan and ice-cream
    98.00 DKK
    100% blackberries with dark chocolate*
    98.00 DKK

    Served Monday – Friday from 6.00 – 10.00 p.m. from 7 August to 3 September 2014
    The dishes marked with * is served for our guests in weekend stays

    3 courses 418.00 DKK
    4 courses 498.00 DKK
    5 courses 578.00 DKK
    6 courses 648.00 DKK
    7 courses 718.00 DKK
    8 courses 788.00 DKK
    9 courses 838.00 DKK

    See our wine list

  •     Per bottle Per glass
    Sancerre - Grande Cuvée
    Jean Paul Balland, Loire, France
    served for roasted pike
    598.00 DKK 110.00 DKK
    Chardonnay, Paul Dolan
    Mendocino County, USA
    served for cured scallops
    498.00 DKK 110.00 DKK
    As Sortes, Val do Bibei
    Rafael Palacios, Valdeorras, Spain
    served for Geko cheese gratiné
    648.00 DKK 145.00 DKK
    Freisa, La Bernadina
    Accornero, Monferrato, Italy
    served for smoked Guinea fowl
    508.00 DKK 140.00 DKK
    Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine de Beaumont
    Coté d’Or, Bourgogne, France
    served for modern hash
    648.00 DKK 155.00 DKK
    Chenin Blanc, Leo Steen
    Dry Creek Valley, California, USA
    served for selection of cheeses
    548.00 DKK 155.00 DKK
    Æbleau, Skærsøgaard
    Dons, Denmark
    served for old-fashioned apple pie
    598.00 DKK 105.00 DKK
    Buitenwachting 1769
    Constantia, South Africa
    served for 100 % blackberries
    448.00 DKK 90.00 DKK