is something we create together...

Room for small and big decisions

Hotel Koldingfjord is known to be one of Denmark’s best hotel and conference centres. The guest reviews on TripAdvisor place Hotel Koldingfjord on rang 6 in Denmark in 2016. This is a unique position, which creates obligations.

At conferences or meetings at Hotel Koldingfjord, people meet, exchange ideas, find peace and create results. We have room and space for individual solutions and with due respect for cultural heritage, we jointly create a foundation for the future. 

Conference guest

Our main focus is on you as a guest. We value respect, profound dedication, classic service, and we are at your service from the moment you and your guests enter the hotel, until you leave. This is Relevant Personal Service and it is all about meeting each other at eye level with sympathy and respect.

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Conference rooms

As of 2015, we can offer new meeting facilities at Hotel Koldingfjord. Our two biggest rooms have been enlarged with 200 m2 to a total of 500 m2. In the enlargement, we have focussed on a high level of guest comfort, future meeting facilities and room for 220 and 300 guests respectively. This gives us the optimal opportunities for meetings and conferences. 

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