What was normal yesterday will not be normal tomorrow?

COVID-19 has changed the world as well as our everyday life to an extent, which no one thought possible.

At Hotel Koldingfjord, we do our utmost to make you feel safe when returning for a visit.

The safety of our employees and guests is our top priority.

Here at Hotel Koldingfjord, we have already taken a number of measures. Of course, we follow all recommendations and guidelines from the Danish authorities, and all employees have been thoroughly informed about and instructed in COVID-19, based on the recommendations of the authorities.

Please feel free to contact us on tel. 7551 0000 in case of additional questions.

We further urge all our guests to protect themselves and others against transmission of the virus by following the recommendations of the health authorities.

• Keep your distance. Avoid shaking hands, hugging and kissing.

• Stay at home and get tested in case of symptoms.

• Ventilate and create draught. Avoid large gatherings inside.

• Cough and sneeze into your sleeve.

• Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer.

• Make sure to clean contact surfaces frequently.

Welcome back to Hotel Koldingfjord

10 SAFE pieces of advise from Hotel Koldingfjord

1. All our employees are instructed to wash hands and use hand sanitizer regularly – and we urge our guests to do the same. All our employees have further completed HORESTA’s online training “SAFE TO VISIT” – guaranteeing you that we comply with all the requirements and recommendations of the authorities.
Hand sanitizer dispensers are available to guests in all public areas in the hotel as well as in all conference rooms.
2. Presentation of a valid corona pass and ID.
As conference and restaurant guest, you must be able to present a valid corona pass. A valid corona pass documents that you have been vaccinated or have had a negative Covid-19 test taken within the last 72 hours.
3. Guests and employees must wear face masks in areas where we serve food and drinks, so in the restaurant and café.
As guests, you do not have to wear face masks while seated. If you have forgotten your own face mask, you can buy one at the reception.
4. Cleaning is a top priority.
We clean and disinfect all surfaces several times a day and are especially aware of areas and objects touched by many people. We have implemented special procedures for cleaning and increased cleaning of the hotel during both day and night. We keep sharp focus on our cleaning products. For instance, we use different coloured cloths for cleaning at different times during the day.
5. Make sure to get fresh air during breaks.
We make sure to ventilate and create draught during breaks. We further recommend walk & talk as part of your schedule. Nature awaits you just outside the door.
6. Distance – to be exact, we keep a distance of min. one metre. This goes for both guests and our colleagues.
We have plans for all meeting rooms as to ensure safe distance during meetings. Of course, we clean both tables and chairs after every guest. Please respect the distance markings on the floor and around the hotel, and let’s help each other follow the guidelines.
7. Minimal PHYSICAL CONTACT. Sadly, this means no shaking hands when we meet.
SMILE – nice chats and personal service are still very important to us and we have plenty of it to offer.
8. Check-out is made simpler – meaning that you only need to go to the reception if you have a bill to settle.
Check-out is possible directly by telephone from the room. Alternatively, you can place your key card in the Check-out box near the exit, if you have no bills to settle.
9. We still aim to make your visit to the restaurant a great experience.
Breakfast is served as buffet, but still in compliance with the applicable guidelines. We make sure to change cutlery every ½ hour and clean all contact surfaces regularly. Of course, we take your wishes and needs in regards to allergies or serving into consideration.
10. Please feel free to ask us about other issues.
We constantly try to make our communication clear and precise, so all guests feel safe and secure while visiting us.