Yesterday's normal, will not be tomorrow's normal?

COVID-19 has changed our world and everyday life to a degree no-one had thought possible.

At Hotel Koldingfjord, we will do our utmost to ensure that you, our guest, feel safe when you return to us. The safety of our staff and our guests is our number one priority.

At Hotel Koldingfjord, we have already implemented a number of measures. Naturally, we comply with all recommendations and guidelines issued by the Danish authorities, and all members of staff have received detailed information on COVID-19 as well as instructions based on the recommendation of the authorities.

Feel free to contact us on telephone number 7551 0000 at any time, if you do not find the answers to your questions.

We also encourage all our guests to protect themselves and others against infection by following the recommendations of the health authorities.

• Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer

• Cough or sneeze into your sleeve

• Limit physical contact

• The elderly and the chronically ill – keep your distance and ask others to show consideration

Welcome back to Hotel Koldingfjord

10 SAFE pieces of advise from Hotel Koldingfjord

1. All our staff have been instructed in washing their hands often and using hand sanitizer - and we encourage our guests to do the same.
Dispensers with hand sanitizer are available to guests in all public areas around the hotel and in all meeting rooms.
2. All guests and employees must wear a face mask where food and drink is served. This includes our restaurant, our Café and meeting rooms.
This requirement does not apply while seated.
3. Our cleaning is top-notch.
We clean and disinfect all surfaces several times each day and pay particular attention to those items and places that are touched by many hands. We have introduced additional cleaning procedures and increased the cleaning of the hotel during the day and the evening.

We focus on our cleaning materials, e.g. we now use differently coloured cleaning cloths for different times of day.
4. Distance – To be precise, we keep a distance of at least one meter to both our guests and our colleagues.
For all meeting rooms, we have prepared plans for how meeting set-ups can be made as safe as possible for the participants.

In our restaurant, tables are placed at good distances of each other. Naturally, we clean both tables and chairs after each use. Respect the distance markers on the floors and the signs located around the hotel and let us help each other to follow the guidelines.
5. Minimum PHYSICAL CONTACT. Unfortunately, this means that, currently, when greeting each other, we do not shake hands.
SMILE, a cosy chat and interested personal service is still near to our hearts – and, fortunately, we can still offer lots of that.
6. Check-in is made easy for you to avoid you having to wait in line at reception to receive your key card.
Key cards for rooms are sanitized both before and after use and may be placed together in your meeting room or handed to you by our hostess, so that you are able to check in when your meeting allows this.
7. Check-out is simplified so that you only have to attend reception if there is a bill to be settled.
You can check out directly by telephone from your room or you can place your key card in the check-out box at the exit.
8. We continue to offer delicious catering during breaks from meetings – together, but separately.
Catering during midmorning and afternoon breaks is served in small to-go bags with delicious snacks and food for each participant.
9. Restaurant visits are still an experience when you visit us.
Breakfast and lunch is individually served with delicious small dishes and a selection of our delicious breakfast and lunch servings. Naturally, we take your wishes and needs in relation to allergies or serving into consideration.
10. Please feel free to ask questions.
We continuesly try to keep our communication clear and precise to our guests, so you can feel safe and secure at all times, when you visit us.