Hotel Koldingfjord’s vision 2018

The management group at Hotel Koldingfjord has in January 2011 adopted the following vision statement for Hotel Koldingfjord A/S and it is still our vision in 2018:


  • We take responsibility and believe that the employee is the most important asset
  • We create personal development and innovation
  • We create confidence, interaction and flexibility and focus on entirety
  • We create employee satisfaction, loyalty and pride


  • We offer relevant personal service
  • We meet the guest in a calm and present manner
  • We meet the guest at eye level, with understanding and respect
  • We are experienced as an entirety

The surrounding world:

  • We act responsible in regards to our surrounding world
  • We are the lighthouse in our area
  • We have stands and dare go ahead
  • We create innovation through dedication


  • We are the place, where people meet, exchange ideas, find peace and create results 
  • We follow clear goals and create a healthy economy
  • We develop products on-going
  • We respect our cultural inheritance and create a foundation for the future

Strategy for Hotel Koldingfjord 2018

Adopted by the board of Hotel Koldingfjord A/S September 16th, 2013


  • Positive restoration of the net earnings by focusing on sales of existing capacity and constant focus on costs.  

How to succeed:

  • Strengthen the value creation for our guests
  • Strengthen and develop the staff
  • Considering sales and other levels of activity. 
  • We ensure continuous training and staff development.
  • Continue to maintain high building maintenance in collaboration with the owner of the building.
  • Strengthen and develop a high and consistent level of quality, in order to ensure the brands Hotel Koldingfjord and Louisehøj.
  • Continue to maintain a high price level; and still consider capacity and periodic factors.  
  • Strengthen and develop sales and marketing efforts.
  • Increase focus on the conference segment as the primary target group.
  • Show duty of care and business acumen.