Newly renovated rooms with art from Leif Sylvester

At Hotel Koldingfjord we have recently renovated 39 Double Rooms. Our wish was to add new colours and style without compromising the calm and balanced ambience that our rooms are known for.

As well as the impressive main building, Hotel Kolding has an East and a West wing, Dagmar's Palæ and Christian's Palæ. Each of the 3 floors of these wings now has a unique coordinated colour scheme, with the walls matching the new bedspreads, headboards and the other furnishings, including iconic designs from Nanna Ditzel and Arne Jacobsen. We have also enhanced the rooms with new pieces, such as a coffee table from one of Denmark's new generation of designers, Thomas Pedersen.

Acclaimed Danish artist, Leif Sylvester provided the spectacular painting that hangs in the reception area and in 2016, he painted 24 unique pictures for the bedrooms in Dagmar's Palæ and Christian's Palæ. The series is in the artists distinctive and colourful style and takes inspiration from one of Sylvester's colourful prints. The series is entitled Change and each image helps give the bedrooms, in the two beautiful old wings, even more soul.