Elegant Meeting Rooms

There are few places where nature, architecture and atmosphere come together so beautifully. Hotel Koldingfjord is one such place.

There are several factors that are crucial to a successful meeting.

Two of these are facilities and content. The content is down to you, but we ensure you are in unique facilities surrounded by the most inspiring nature.

Our meeting rooms are stylish with simple interior designs. Bright and inviting, they contain all the modern AV equipment needed to meet the demands of the future. Rooms suitable for any meeting, from large halls with high ceilings to intimate meeting rooms overlooking the fjord.

This gives you as a planner, a wonderful opportunity to host an unforgettable, professionally run meeting or conference that you can be proud of, and we work every day to make sure our guests feel the difference.

Simply call our Conference Team, on +45 7620 8600, for advice and guidance and look forward with confidence to your next meeting at Hotel Koldingfjord.


Size: 266 m2
Room for: Max 350

Bøgesalen I

Size: 135 m2
Room for: Max 200

Bøgesalen II

Size: 63 m2
Room for: Max 54

Bøgesalen I + II

Size: 210 m2
Room for: Max 250

Room 625

Size: 104 m2
Room for: Max 100

Room 605

Size: 88 m2
Room for: Max 80

Room 603+604

Size: 72 m2
Room for: Max 104

Rooms 622+623

Size: 72 m2
Room for: Max 88

Rooms 602-604,622,623

Size: 36 m2
Room for: Max 36

Rooms 606, 624

Size: 41 m2
Room for: Max 36

Room 311

Size: 24 m2
Room for: Max 10

Restauranten på Hotel Koldingfjord

Holbøll I

Size: 108 m2
Room for: Max 100

Restauranten på Hotel Koldingfjord

Holbøll II

Size: 72 m2
Room for: Max 60

Restauranten på Hotel Koldingfjord

Holbøll I+II

Size: 180 m2
Room for: Max 170

Restaurant Koldingfjord I

Size: 78 m2
Room for: Max 60

Restaurant Koldingfjord II

Size: 56 m2
Room for: Max 50

Restaurant Koldingfjord I+II

Size: 134 m2
Room for: Max 100

Holbøl + Restaurant Koldingfjord

Size: 523 m2
Room for: Max 400

Café Louise

Size: 182 m2
Room for: Max 50 

Ditzel lounge

Size: 46 m2
Room for: Max 22


Only the best. Only for you.

The Forest

Size: 28 acres