Bøgesalen II (The Beech Hall II)

The Bøgesalen II is located across the courtyard and shares a foyer with the Magnoliesalen. The Bøgesalen II is 63 square metres and has room for up to 54 people. There is everything in modern AV equipment available, air conditioning, a large screen, free wifi, and a view of the hotel's beautiful courtyard.

Just like the Magnoliesalen, the Bøgesalen, has direct access to the main building.

Table arrangement
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Room for
max 54 ppl.

63 m2

Bøgesalen II, divided:

Bøgesalen II, fair

Magnoliesalen (The Magnolia Hall)

Size: 266 m2
Room for: Max 350 ppl.

Bøgesalen I (The Beech Hall I)

Size: 135 m2
Room for: Max 200 ppl.

Bøgesalen II (The Beech Hall II)

Size: 63 m2
Room for: Max 54 ppl.

Bøgesalen I+II (The Beech Hall I + II)

Size: 210 m2
Room for: Max 250 ppl.

Meeting Room 625

Size: 104 m2
Room for: Max 100 ppl.

Meeting Room 605

Size: 88 m2
Room for: Max 80 ppl.

Meeting Rooms 603 + 604

Size: 72 m2
Room for: Max 104 ppl.

Meeting Rooms 622 + 623

Size: 72 m2
Room for: Max 88 ppl.

Meeting Rooms 602-604, 622, 623

Size: 36 m2
Room for: Max 36 ppl.

Meeting Rooms 606, 624

Size: 41 m2
Room for: Max 36 ppl.

Meeting Room 311

Size: 24 m2
Room for: Max 10 ppl.

Ditzel lounge

Size: 46 m2
Room for: Max 22 ppl.


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